On this day in 1994, O.J. Simpson led police on a slow speed chase while threatening to kill himself so he wouldn't have to go to jail for killing his wife. 

- If only OnStar had existed back then...a live operator could have given him directions on how to go straight to Hell. 

- He may have been a cold-blooded murdered, but at least he didn't go over the speed limit. 

- The car chase held the record for the most Americans glued to their TV's...until last season's finale of "The Bachelor". 


Many people are questioning the President's decision to take a four-day golfing vacation in  California at the same time American Soldiers and Marines are arriving in Iraq to protect the embassy from the militant army. 

- C'mon! The guy hasn't had a vacation in almost three weeks! 


Pope Francis announced that he will no longer use the Pope Mobile, calling it "a lousy sardine can that keeps people away from you."

- Besides, without a sunroof his hat kept getting smushed. 

- Apparently the Pontiff wants a car just like the people he's trying to reach: Covert-ible. 


A 66 year old old female hoarder died when her Connecticut home collapsed under the weight of all the clutter. 

- I'll bet she was pretty upset when she got to the other side and realized it's true: You can't take it with you. 

- Her children have taken the next ten years off work to "go through Mom's things". 


Miley Cyrus has done it again...this time posting a "selfie" she took wearing nothing but a tiny pair of panties with her tongue hanging out.  

- Miley says it was an accident...she was planning on saving the photo to use as her Christmas Card. Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! 


Starbucks is offering employees the opportunity to complete an online degree at Arizona State University at no cost to them. 

- How are Starbucks workers possibly going to stay awake cramming for finals? 

- You'll know the Starbucks students at graduation...they'll be the ones wearing the "Cappuccino & Gown". 


On a personal note... I was thrilled at the response we got yesterday to the Video Tribute to Casey Kasem on my radio show and 3 Detroit Radio Reunions that I Emceed. If you haven't had a chance to watch it...you really should! To make it easy, I'm posting it on today's page as well for your listening and viewing pleasure. Have a great day! and I'll see you back here Wednesday.  -Dick