The Centers for Disease Control has launched a new App to help travelers avoid diarrhea. 

- It's known as the iPooped App. 

- They just released it and it's already the #2 most downloaded app in America. 

- So now you can download something that will help you avoid downloading. 


Federal prosecutors are discussing a plea deal that would bring Edward Snowden back to the US from Russia. 

- Why doesn't Snowden just fly to Mexico and walk into America like everybody else? 


United Airlines announced plans to base frequent flyer points on dollars spent, instead of miles flown. 

- Air Malaysia only awards points if your plane actually lands.  


Hillary Clinton says the 5 Taliban Terrorists released from Gitmo in exchange for turncoat Bowe Bergdahl "Are not a threat to America". 

-  She also added that her husband Bill "Is no longer interested in other women!!!"


California is still considering a bill that would require college students to give written consent before having sex. 

- Just what college students need...more homework!

- If a student doesn't want to have sex, they'll have to write an argumentative essay explaining their position. 


Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jessica Simpson was so intoxicated she had to be helped out of a friends bachelorette party. 

- On the down side, the drinks came out to 107 Weight Watchers Points. On the bright side, she didn't drive so she avoiding getting 6 Points on her license. 


Today is "National Root Canal Appreciation Day". 

- Not to be confused with tomorrow which is "National Gingivitis Appreciation Day".


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!