A NASA researcher claims she had sex with a Dolphin back in 1963 to teach him how to communicate. 

- Just to clarify, we're talking about an Ocean mammal, not a professional football player. 

- Apparently it didn't work out well, since like a lotta guys, he hasn't called or texted her since the big date.


A group of seniors at a Chicago high school made a "slight" error on banners and invitations featuring their Prom slogan. It read: "This Is Are Story". 

- May I be the first to congratulate the high school's English Department on a job well done! 

- Looks like some kids "our" going to summer school. 


1.000 clowns marched in protest of Mexico City's ban on circus animals. 

- There haven't been this many Bozos in one place since the Kardashian family wedding reception. 


Paula Deen is launching her own internet cooking show.

- On the first episode, she and special guest Donald Sterling cook up a delicious White Bean Chili. 


A Seattle doctor has been suspended for "sexting" on his phone at least 640 times while performing surgeries. 

- The anesthesiologists didn't notice because they were watching porn on their iPads at the time. 

- One Scrub Nurse said she was shocked...but still, he was the only man she'd ever worked with who could multi-task. 


The Pope cancelled several days of audiences due an undisclosed illness. 

- The Papal doctor advised him to take two aspirin and have a glass of red wine everyday. 


Lawyers say the latest trend in Pre-nups is a "Social Media Clause" that can cause a spouse as much as $50,000 every time they post an embarrassing pic or TMI about their spouse on places like Facebook. 

- Anthony Weiner just charged himself a million bucks on behalf of his wife Mrs. Weiner. 


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