In a TV interview last night, Hillary Clinton told Diane Sawyer that she and Bill were dead broke when they left the White House and even struggled to get mortgages. 

- It's tough when you need a nice house for the family and a totally tricked out bachelor pad for Bill. 

Hillary did admit that since leaving the Oval Office Bill has made over $200 million dollars giving speeches and that she also gives speeches for $5 Mil a pop.

- Something to keep in mind next time you get a letter from the Clintons asking for a 2016 campaign contribution.

- Ironically, Bill makes an amazing living just talking, while all his ex-girlfriends make an amazing living by keeping their mouthes shut.


A federal audit of VA Medical Centers showed that 57,000 veterans are still waiting for their first visit. 

- They were willing to die for their country...they just didn't realize it would be while waiting to see a damn doctor. 

- Meanwhile Bowe Bengdahl has had every medical test in the book on a U.S. army base in Germany. 


A new study by Mass Mutual found that 51% of newlyweds think having a perfect wedding is more important than planning for the future. 

- Which makes perfect sense for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West since they know they have no future together. 


Florida police caught a 70 year old couple having sex in the Town Square of a retirement community. 

- Hey, When the moment was right...he was ready! 

- The "event" happened about 4:30pm, giving a whole new meaning to "The Early Bird Special"

- Residents who witnessed the act said it was a nice break from watching alligators cruising the golf course. 


Pope Francis met with the Israeli and Palestinian presidents in hopes of restoring peace talks. 

- It's sad when even the Pope doesn't have a prayer. 

- Up next: The Pontiff will try to negotiate peace between Alec Baldwin and anyone with a camera. 


Rapper Lil' Kim gave birth to a daughter, whom she named "Royal Reign". The baby's daddy is a rapper named "Mr. Papers". 

- Looks like Blue Ivy & North West have a new playmate! 

- Lil' Kim is good friends with the Jackson Family so maybe someday "Royal Reign" can marry Jermaine's son, "Jermajesty". 


The World's Oldest man has died at the age of 111 just two months after earning the title. Meanwhile there are 66 women in the world over the age of 111. 

- I sure hope they like younger men. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!