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Nearly two dozen Detroit Police Officers have been put on leave after a routine check revealed that they have outstanding arrest warrants against them. Most of them are from unpaid parking tickets. BTW...they're still getting paid. 

- This explains why the potholes haven't been fixed! All the cash is going to pay cops who are on the lamb! 

- This gives a whole new meaning to "Cops & Robbers". 


George Clooney is engaged...again! This time to a British attorney who his rep says, "isn't some actress or someone in the entertainment industry...She's on George's level". 

- I had no idea George was a British attorney. 

- This is really gonna put a kink in his bromance with President Obama. 


The National Enquirer has revealed that there was so much family-fighting over the recently deceased Mickey Rooney's body, that two separate funerals were held on the same day. The children from all 8 of his marriages are also fighting over his estate. It's valued at only $18,000. 

- A "Judge Hardy" will decide who gets what. 

- They may be fighting, but everyone in the family agrees Mickey left some pretty small shoes to fill. 


Ukraine's Prime Minister says Russia is secretly trying to start World War III. 

- C'mon...Not even Edward Snowden thinks that's a secret. 


Chase Bank is closing the accounts of hundreds of people who work in the adult film industry. 

- Apparently they don't like doing business with people who's checks aren't the only thing that bounce. 

- Adult film stars will now have to go back to stashing their money under the mattress.

- Of course some of them will just move their accounts to CitiGrope, uh, I mean, CitiGROUP. 


Al Gore, who is still married to his estranged wife Tipper, confirmed that he is dating an environmental activist. 

- If they do get married, they're planning a romantic Honeymoon in Greenland. 


On this day in 1789, the infamous "Mutiny" on the HMS "Bounty" took place at 5:20 in the morning. 

- So we know the EXACT TIME something happened on a wooden ship in the middle of the ocean two hundred and thirty years ago...but we still can't find that Malaysian Jet.


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