It's Thanksgiving week! 

- The week we give thanks that we've never been invited to Bill Cosby's place for a cocktail. 


The Buffalo Bills and The New York Jets will square off at Ford Field tonight after a 6 foot snowstorm caused the NFL to moved the game from Buffalo. 

- Since the Bills are 5-5 and the Jets are 2-8, for long time Lions fans who attend the game, it'll be like "old home week". 


Speaking of football... The NFL has announced that "I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It" singer Katy Perry will headline the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

- Which is a nice change from some of the players who are known for "I HIT a Girl and I Liked It". 


The Rolling Stones are playing a series of concerts in New York to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of their album, "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out". 

- Now days, when their female fans get their ya-ya's out...They immediately fall on the floor. 

- Things have changed...Now instead of performing "Brown Sugar" they'll sing about the packets of "Sweet & Low" they steal from Denny's. 


Nestle is working on a drink called "Exercise In A Bottle" that simulates the effects of going to the gym. 

- It raises your heart rate, makes you sweat, and then after a week, you stop drinking it!!!


Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that Tom Cruise will star in Top Gun 2. 

- It will be just like the original where he gets the girl...but this time she dumps him when he tries to make her become a Scientologist. 

- I'm just glad he's not re-making "Risky Business" 52 years old, I don't think women want to see him dance in his underwear anymore. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!