Last night's transferred to Ford Field NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets turned out to be a Bills' Snow Job... 38-3. Since I was born and bred in Buffalo, I've always been a fan of the Bills, Buffalo Wings, and snow. But NOT 6 feet of it! 


President Obama says he won't do much campaigning in 2016 because "Americans want that new car smell". 

- That and he's already lined up a boatload of tee-times. 

- That must be why he fired...I mean...accepted Chuck Hagel's resignation. Because Americans want that "new Defense Secretary smell".


A study by the University of Leeds found that restroom hand dryers spread more bacteria than paper towels. 

- Which means absolutely nothing to the 80% of men who don't wash their hands in the first place. 


A viral video of three Washington grandmothers smoking pot is expected to lead to increased marijuana use among the Senior set. 

- So now we'll understand why older people go for the "Early Bird Dinner" at 4pm...they've got the munchies. 

- So Grandma's no longer just bake cookies...they get "baked" themselves. 


Angelina Jolie says that "Cleopatra" could be the last movie she acts in. 

- Meanwhile Brad Pitt wants her to KEEP acting...but STOP adopting. 


The New York City Fire Department hired a man who admitted to starring in 10 gay pornography films. 

- His former co-stars said they thought he'd become a cop because he was "One of New York's finest". 


Rio unveiled a bright yellow, cat-like figure that will be the mascot for the 2016 Olympics. 

- Don't we see enough Cats on Facebook? 

- They were going to give the cat pink eyes, but were afraid Bob Costas would start having flashbacks. 


Russian hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov, who led the team that lost to the U.S. in the "Miracle on Ice" has died at the age of 84. 

- Given that the Russian's lost...the REAL miracle is that he didn't die waaaaaaaay sooner. 

- The doctor who told his family was cruel... He said "Do Your Believe in Miracles??? Well don't, because he's not coming back." 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here on Wednesday...Thanksgiving Eve!