According to a recent U.K. poll, 1 in 5 people say they'd be willing to try sex with a robot. 

- But they said it would have to be a "really hot" robot. 

- The good news is you can't catch an STD from a robot...but you can wind up with a case of WD40. 


Frosty the Snowman arrived on my front porch today...minus his corn cob pipe.

- The way things are goin' today..he probably left it at a Pot Party in Colorado.


AAA says the massive drop in gas prices is driving up demand for large, gas guzzling SUV's. 

- Which will work out great for that first fill up before the gas prices shoot up again. 


This months issue of Paper Magazine features Kim Kardashian's butt on the cover. 

- Well, part of her butt. They had to put her left cheek on the back. 

- Kind of makes that naked and pregnant cover of Demi Moore look like a Norman Rockwell painting. 


In related news...Vanity Fair has confirmed that Hillary Clinton will be on next months cover. 

- But in order to build suspense...they won't say what color pantsuit she'll be wearing.


A new study found that the inability to dance may be genetic. 

- It has something to do with the Y chromosome...along with the "M", "C" and "A". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday with a brand new Podcast!