A British study found that people who get sex changes wind up regretting it. 

- Proving that the grass isn't always greener...especially if your surgeon uses a weed-whacker. 


Paul Rand says that Hillary Clinton is "too old" to run for President. 

- Ironically, Bill's dates are too YOUNG to run for President. 

- The Democrats now say the GOP is waging a war against OLD women. 


A Colorado waiter was fired after mistakenly serving alcoholic drinks to a two-year-old girl. 

- They knew she was drunk when she asked the busboy to come back to her playhouse and ordered a round of chicken fingers for everyone in the restaurant. 


According to reports, Miley Cyrus is dating Arnold Schwarzenegger's son. 

- And Arnold is dating Miley Cyrus's housekeeper. 

- Hopefully this guy can get her to "Terminate" her "Twerking". 


Fox News host Megyn Kelly accidentally introduced former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee as Mike "F---abee". 

- It takes me back to some of the great moments from the "Jerry Springer Show". 


George W. Bush went on the Today Show to unveil a painting he made of him and his father. 

- It was actually a paint-by-number....#41 and #43. 


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