I think the above quote is perfect. To all of our Veteran's...Thank You!


The Post Office confirmed that their employee database was breached. 

- Hackers were able to get postal workers names, social security numbers, and the names of the most feared dogs on every block in America. 

- Experts warn this could happen to Fed-Ex employees too...but the hackers will get the information much quicker...like overnight. 


Rush Limbaugh is threatening to sue the Democratic National Committee for defamation. 

- The head of the DNC said, "Oh yeah? Well.......Ditto!" 


An employee at a North Carolina Wal-Mart was caught on surveillance cameras using deodorant sticks and returning them to store shelves. 

- The man started sweating profusely when confronted...but still smelled like a Cool Ocean Breeze. 


A New York Grandmother celebrated her 100th Birthday by going skydiving. 

- Amazingly, her boobs hit the ground before she even pulled the rip cord. 

- And to think most people are just happy to make it onto the Smucker's Jar. 


A court ruled that Oscar Pistorius cannot get home surveillance because he could easily detach the leg that his monitoring bracelet is on. 

- Why don't they just put it on his other leg...no, wait...

- Besides, letting him stay at home could put dozens of potential "intruders" in danger of being shot.  


Prince William and Kate Middleton are visiting New York next month to announce their new wild life charity.

- Meanwhile Prince Harry will visit Las Vegas next month to get drunk with a bunch of hot hookers. 


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