Dennis Rodman says that North Korea's decision to release it's last two American hostages came after he sent a heartfelt letter to his BFF Kim Jong Un.

- Look for Dennis in a new series of waffle commercials with the slogan, "Let Go My EGO!"

- It's a rare man who can look good in a wedding dress AND effect international diplomacy.  


Congratulations to the Lions on their 20-16 last minute win over the Miami Dolphins yesterday...putting them in first place in the NFC North Division with a record of 7-2! 

Looks like the Lions have actually "Restored The Roar" this year! 


A study at the University of Washington found that chemicals used in dog food may be able to extend human life. 

- On the plus side you'll be able to catch a Frisbee in your teeth...on the downside, you'll spend those extra years dragging your butt across the carpet. 

- We could live to be 105...which is like 735 in dog years! 


Pepsico is experimenting with a soda that tastes like Doritos. 

- Its for people too lazy to actually eat and drink at the same time. 

- They'll also be a Diet version of the Pop...with 50% less powdered cheese. 

- We've already got "Mountain Dew"...I think they should call this one "Mountain DON'T". 


A survey found that 60% of Americans trust online dating sites. 

- They don't trust anyone they MEET on them, but they do trust the sites. 


Forbes magazine named Vladimir Putin the World's Most Powerful Person of 2014.  

- Putin is said to be powerful and generous. In fact they say he'll give people the shirt off his back...if he ever wears one. 


Sesame Street debuted on television 45 years ago this week. 

- 45 years is a long time to have someone's hand up your wonder Oscar's so grouchy. 

- The shows creator says that not much has changed, but admitted that due to osteoporosis, Big Bird isn't quite as Big as he used to be. 

- To celebrate, all of this week's episodes will be brought to you by the letters L, I, P, I, T, O & R. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!