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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #142...with special guest, the always interesting Tom Delisle. Today Tom, Jackie and I delve into a cornucopia of topics including: 

- People panicking when hitting certain ages.

- How a magazine subscription gift led me to catch my Prostate Cancer early in 1992.

- The lack of civility in today's world...especially in the Middle East. 

- How I got served a beer in a bar when I was 14 years old... and my current experience with 52 calorie beer. 

- Two more of my showbiz tidbits: Meeting the actor who played Ben Hur's father and Bobby Vinton. 

- How much of the music that I played and built a radio career around that I actually DIDN'T like. 

- And Tom's depression back in the late '60's that he claims was brought on by Bobby Kennedy and yours truly. 

So crank up your thermostat...and the volume...and join us for Podcast #142!   (47:51)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!


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