Lions Win over Falcons 22-21 at London's Wembley Stadium. Bloody well played! 


President Obama hosted Ebola survivor Nina Pham at the White House over the weekend. 

- She may have beaten Ebola, but she got even more nauseous after eating the Kale-Kebobs and Brussel Sprout Layer Cake Michelle served her for dinner. 


A new survey suggests that online dating is becoming more popular than meeting someone at a bar. 

- But some of the old rules still apply...for instance most women say they wait until the 3rd email to have virtual sex with the guy. 


UPS says it expects holiday shipments to jump by 11% this year. 

- So if you're wondering "What "Brown can do for you"...just know they'll be doing 11% more of it. 


Former Congressman Anthony Weiner says he's opening a restaurant. 

- Hot Dog! 

- Let's just hope Anthony isn't in charge of picking out the pictures for the menu. 

- Interested waitresses are being asked to send a brief resume on Twitter. You'll know your hired if Weiner Tweets you back.  


Russian Facebook has narrowed down it's "Miss Hitler" pageant to 10 finalists. 

- It's just like any other pageant, except "Miss Congeniality" isn't all that "congenial".


John Denver posthumously received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

- Unfortunately his family from Colorado missed the unveiling, as the plane they were flying, ran out of gas. (Sorry...)


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!