Congrats to the Lions on their come-from-behind 24-23 win over Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints yesterday! Next game Sunday... 9:30am (our time) against the Atlanta Falcons in LONDON. 


President Obama's credit card  was recently declined at an expensive New York restaurant.  

- Luckily he just called his bank in China and they upped his limit.

- Bill Clinton never ran into this problem because he always paid in singles. 


With Halloween less than two weeks away, HazMat Suits are the top selling costume in the nation. 

- Now if we could just get the CDC to make sure health care workers wear them.


Starbucks is now allowing employees to display their tattoos as long as they aren't located on their faces. 

- Thus dashing Charles Manson's hopes of becoming a Starbucks Barista if he ever gets sprung. 


Russia's version of Facebook is holding a Miss Hitler Beauty Pageant...and 7000 women have already entered. 

- Apparently Russian Salon's are unfamiliar with the concept of "Upper Lip Waxing". 

- One contestant said for the "Talent" portion of the pageant, she's going to invade Poland. 


49 people were arrested after a fight broke out at a New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival. 

- A fight at a pumpkin patch? What a bunch of Jack-Ass-'O-Lanterns. 


A new study claims that drinking regular soda pop leads to disease, premature aging and early death. 

- Take a Big Gulp and think about that for a while. 

- Some women are avoiding the problem by adding a little Anti-Wrinkle Cream to their Coke. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!