Students at the University of Michigan were not happy this morning after discovering that the famous block "M" in the Diag of the UofM campus had been spray painted green...and the letters "S" and "U" had been added to it. 

- The Spartans got the "M.S.U." right, unlike the Ohio State students who always put the letters "O", "S" & "U" in the wrong order.  


A study published in the BMC Medicine Journal found that taking Viagra on a daily basis can protect a patient's heart. 

- Except while actually having sex which is when the guy might have a heart attack...which kinda defeats the purpose.  

- As if men need another reason to take Viagra. 


During a speech in Vatican Square yesterday, the Pope took off his regular Papal hat and put on a white baseball cap handed to him by one of the visitors in the crowd. 

- Maybe if he'd worn that hat last week, the Angels would have ended up in the World Series. 


Toys R Us pulled the "Breaking Bad" action figures from it's shelves after parents complained that the dolls were drug dealers - and even came with mini bags of pretend drugs. 

- Looks like Barbie is going to have to find a new supplier for the Halloween party she's throwing at the Malibu Dream House. 

- In a related story, Toys R Us was going to feature new "Secret Service Agent" action figures, but they were no where to be found. 


Scientists say that despite medical advances, humans will only be able to live to 120 - instead of 400 like some other scientists have predicted. 

- "Party City" has no idea what they're going to do with all those "Happy 175th Birthday" balloons they ordered. 


"Jerry Maguire" actress Renee Zellweger appeared at an event looking almost unrecognizable due to what appears to be a lot of "work" done on her face. 

- She still looks like the "Girl Next Door"...but it's the Girl who lives on the OTHER side of your house. 

- She allegedly told her surgeon "You Had Me At Botox". 


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