It’s the day after Labor Day, and there are a whole lot of boys and girls with notebooks and pencils running up and down hallways with confused looks on their faces today, trying to figure out whats going on.

- And that’s just in Congress!

(btw…Good Luck to all the little and not-so-little-nippers heading back to school today!)


The world may be holding it’s collective breath about what President Obama will do about the situation in Syria, but there’s something even more important going on overseas…

Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea visiting his good friend Kim Jong Un. Rodman says he’s not there to be a diplomat, he just on vacaton and wants to “have fun and hang out” with Un. 

- If he’s not careful Un will have him “hanging out” on the gallows! 


George H.W. Bush apologized for sending condolences on the death of still-alive Nelson Mandela on Sunday.

- Mandella accepted the apology but added, “I was surprised at the remark. I thought George H.W. Bush died a few years ago.”


It’s reported that women are selling positive pregnancy tests on Craig’s List for other women to use to blackmail their boyfriends into marrying them.

- Women are sending negative pregnancy tests to Anthony Weiner to try to get him to stop tweeting!

- Ironically, most of the men being blackmailed hooked up with the women on Craig’s List in the first place.


Even though high activity was predicted, there were no Atlantic hurricanes in August. 

- So far the highest winds along the East Coast have consisted of all the hot air coming out of Washington about what to do with Syria.  


At the age of 64, long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad has become the first person to swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. 

- She was alone in the water except for some Cubans crammed into a ‘57 Chevy on an inflatable raft. 


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