Welcome to the Unofficial Last Week of Summer! No matter what you’re doing for the holiday - be it shopping for back-to-school supplies or BBQing burgers and brats, take some time to tune into my latest Podcast (#91)!

Today regular Podcasting partner daughter Jackie and I welcome my old radio buddy Lou Roberts to the dining room table. If you grew up listening to Detroit radio, than you know Lou - if not by name, then by voice! We worked together at 95.5 before he left radio to become a full time free-lance commercial voice-over guy. You may not know it, but he may have convinced you to buy a car and a lot of other things over the years! 

Lou shares some memorable moments including the time he locked himself out of the station during his show, leading to a half hour of dead air before he was finally able to jimmie the door open. And another time when his career was nearly de-railed by an ill-timed extremely long train, which he had to navigate around…on foot. 

At the end of Podcast we find out that Lou has a hidden talent (other than breaking into locked buildings) that none of us knew about: He’s one heckuva Piano Player! And he proves it as he “plays us out” on the Purtan Family piano! 

So wave goodbye to August and say hello to Podcast #91! 

Have a great Holdiay Weekend and I’ll “See You In September”. 


Purtan Podcast #91

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