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A new study found that toddlers who talk early tend to develop a drinking problem. 

- Warning signs include your little ones asking for “scotch with a spash of apple juice” in their sippy cups. 

- This explains why Lindsay Lohan gave a three-hour commencement address at her Pre-School Graduation!


Two decades after Gennifer Flowers went public with her 12-year affair with Bill Clinton, she’s got a new job as a sex-advice columnist and says she learned “everything she knows” from the former Commander-in-Briefs. She also claims that Bill told her Hillary is bisexual and that he’s “totally fine with that”.  

- Bill said, “I said Bi-PARTISAN not Bi-SEXUAL!”

- He added “Listen to me…I did not give sex advice to that woman…Miss Flowers!” 


Cher slammed Miley Cyrus’s MTV Awards performance, saying that Miley can’t dance, the song wasn’t great, her body looked like hell, and one butt cheek was hanging out.  

- When Cher starts criticizing you for being “too out there” it might be time to re-evaluate. 

- Cher’s body has never “looked like hell” because plastic really holds it’s shape. 


A new study suggests that the average sexual encounter lasts about 6 minutes and burns 21 calories. 

- I’m assuming the study involves an encounter between a man and a woman…but these day you never know. 

- Or you can skip the sex and burn the 21 calories by standing up from the couch. 


Starbucks is making headlines for saying customers carrying guns are not welcome in their stores. 

- On the flip side, gun carriers are not only welcome at Waffle House, they get the “Gun Totin’ Discount!”

- The only shots Starbucks allows are espresso. 

- They may have a point…all that caffeine can make your trigger finger a tad jumpy. 


A pro-marijuana group may be allowed to run a TV ad during this year’s Super Bowl. 

- Too bad the game isn’t being played at Denver’s “Mile High Stadium”. 

- It makes sense, with 37 NFL players in, or headed for some time, in “the joint”.


As part of her healthy food for kids campaign, Michelle Obama is targeting junk food ads with cartoon characters. 

- So don’t be surprised if you’re kids start saying, “Silly Rabbit! Brocolli is for kids!”


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