Jackie here! Yes it’s July 11th! And that can mean only one thing…IT’S DICK’S (MY DAD’S) BIRTHDAY! And while I was going through some things getting ready for Dad’s traditional family party, including a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, Go-Carting and “Pin The Tail On The Disc Jockey”, I came across this rare, never before seen picture of my Dad, snapped just moments after he was born. (I can’t imagine why my Grandparents didn’t have it on display…)

Okay…truth be told, that’s actually a picture of my sister Julie’s baby Brayden taken on his birthday in January 2012… But you have to admit there’s a bit of a family resemblance! 

Have a great day and let the Birthday Festival begin! 

Much love…

-Jackie (Along with my Mom Gail & 5 Sisters… Jennifer, Jill, JoAnne, Jessica & Julie!) 

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