Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of the Bee Gees is writing a song about…wait for it…convicted boyfriend-killer Jodi Arias, who may get the death penalty.  

- It’s tentative title? “Not Stayin’ Alive”. 

- Barry admits it’s an odd topic for a song but says he wants to “take a stab at it”.


The IRS mistakenly exposed more than one hundred thousand social security numbers online. 

- But don’t worry…the White House said it was just one guy in Cincinnati who made the mistake. 

- They say he was “dealt with” which in Government speak means he got a promotion and a company car! 


Two House Democrats introduced a bill to estabish a US National Park on the moon, on the site of the Apollo mission landings. 

- Now if they can just get somebody to make an RV that flies. 

- For you conspiracy theorists, the park will actually be located on a movie set in Hollywood. 


A Golden Corral employee went online and exposed that the restaurant’s management hides food out by the dumpster during health inspections and then brings it back in. 

- Well this explains the old tennis shoe I found at the salad bar. 


Speaking of food…Mexico replaced the U.S. as the world’s fattest nation, with 32% of Mexicans considered obese compared to “just” 31% of Americans.

- All we have to do to reclaim the #1 title is build a few more Taco Bells!

- So apparently all those illegal immigrants aren’t “Running for the Border”…they’re actually waddling towards it.


DirecTV is launching a new channel for $4.95 a month called DogTV that promises to entertain dogs 24 hours a day.

- The line-up of shows includes “Two and A Half Pit Bulls”, “Leave It To The Retriever”, and “The Butt-cherlorette”.

- Ironically I heard about it on CNN - The Canine News Network.

- They even plan on showing classic movies like “The Maltese & The Falcon”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday…July 11th…Hmmm, why does that date ring a bell???

- Dick

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