The Red Wings will try to take a commanding lead against the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight. A win would put them on top 3 to 1 in the series and just one game away from moving on to Round 3 . GO WINGS!!!!!


By making a statement that she was innocent of all wrong-doing during her appearance before a Congressional Committee yesterday, IRS official Lois Lerner may have forfeited her right to “Take the Fifth”. She may be forced to return to Congress and testify. Experts say her attorney gave her bad advice. 

- Guess whose lawyer is about to get audited by the IRS? 


The Philadelphia Eagles’ Evin Mathis Instagramed a picture of himself urinating on the IRS building sign. 

- Guess which Pro Football player is about to get audited by the IRS?

- Does this count as another “leak” in the Scandal? 


It’s official…disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner announced that he is running for the Mayor of New York City. 

- Unlike current Mayor Bloomberg, Weiner says he not only supports 32oz. sugary drinks, he encourages his followers to tweet pictures of themselves enjoying one. 

- Weiner’s campaign slogan will be: “Hot Dog! I’d Relish Being Mayor!”


NASA gave a company a grant to develp a 3D printer that can form layers of dehydrated ingredients into an edible substance that resembles a pizza. 

- This is news? Elementary schools have been serving this stuff in their cafeterias for years! 

- NASA noted that it will take longer to print out the deep dish version of the edible substance. 


A new poll says that people edit and Photoshop the vacation photos they post on Facebook so the vacation looks better than it actually was. 

- The first clue came when the Captain of that Italian Cruise Ship “Concordia” posted a photo of himself standing upright at the wheel of the ship. 

- So you may have to take your Aunt Helen with you to Cedar Point, but you can make her and the “Aunts Do It At Picnics” T-Shirt disappear!


Archie Comics’ only openly gay character Kevin Keller kisses his boyfriend in an upcoming issue. 

- To be honest, I think most men would way rather see Betty & Veronica making out. 


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