At a speech in Washington, DC last night, Veep Joe Biden said that the standing joke in the White House is that “Barack is learning to speak without a teleprompter; I’m learning to speak with one.” 

- Obama had no comment as his teleprompter was down. 

- Meanwhile White House Spokesman Jay Carney says the White House had no knowledge about the use of teleprompters until they read it in a newspaper article yesterday. 


Lois Lerner, the IRS official in the “non-profit group unit” who apologized for targeting conservative groups, plans to “Take the Fifth” and refuse to testify before a House Investigative Committee. 

- Nothing says “I didn’t do anything illegal” like taking the Fifth!  


Porn stars are complaining that the big banks are suddenly refusing to accept money that comes from the porn industry. 

- You don’t want to screw with porn stars! 


A new study finds that 10 percent of Facebook users aren’t human. 

- So a lot of your FB friends aren’t only fake…they’re aliens! 


O.J. Simpson says if he can get his armed robbery conviction overturned, he’s going to go on a nationwide tour to speak about the Nicole Brown murder case. 

- Right…like he know’s anything about THAT! 

- He’s already telling inmates he’s hired Kato Kaelin as his opening act. 


A British driver said it’s a miracle that George Michael walked away alive after he fell out of a car at 70mph on a freeway and she nearly ran over him. 

- Luckily, she wasn’t asleep at the wheel…which George usually is. 


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