Kwame’s attorney has come up with yet another reason his dishonor should be let out of jail while he awaits sentencing: He says the Kwaminator has seriously re-injured the knee he hurt playing college football and that prison officials won’t give him proper medical treatment. 

- Chances are he re-injured it while down on his knees begging the warden to let him go. 

- Bobby Ferguson explained that Kwame tripped on his way to the commissary to buy the two of them some Ding Dongs.   

- Critics call it a “Knee-Jerk” reaction by his lawyer…since both the “knee” and the “jerk” refer to Kwame. 


Kilpatrick’s attorney also claimed that Kwame is “an indigent” and has no money or other assets that would allow him to flee. 

- I’m pretty sure the Judge is going to make sure his assets in a jail cell until the big day. 


A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania is giving fans something to cheer about: They’re installing a “Urinal Gaming System” in all of their men’s rooms. The custom urinals, made by Captive Media, feature a “pee controlled” video screen. Players control their Avatar by “relieving” themselves in different directions. If you want to go left…you pee to the left and so on. There’s even a “Leader Board” where you can post your score. 

- Nintendo is coming out with a similar system called the Wii-Wii. 

- Kids love video games! They should have this in all the Pee-Wee League restrooms! 

- This gives a whole new meaning to “Streaming Video”. 

- Turns out your iPhone isn’t the only “Hand Held Device” you’ve got in your pocket. 


A scientist has writen a paper on how he believes dinosaurs mated. 

- The Paper is titled: “Tyranasaurus Sex”. 

- Steven Speilberg is making a movie based on the paper… Look for “No…Those Pants Do Not Make Jur-Assic Look Big” coming to a theater near you. 


Pope Francis says that he will live in a modest two-room motel-style apartment instead of the Papal Mansion for the indefinite future. 

- So if you’re looking for a nicely appointed palacial rental property for a summer Italian getaway with a great view, contact the Vatican. (No Dogs or Protestants allowed). 


Governor Chris Christie promised that he will keep a “firm grip” on Prince Harry during his upcoming visit to New Jersey. 

- He developed that “firm grip” after years of holding onto thousands of “Triple-Quarter-Pounders with Bacon and Cheese”. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday! 


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