First the Radiothon…then the Oscars. In my book, the real winners were all of you who donated so generously to the Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon and the thousands of people who will be fed and sheltered with the $1.3 Million raised. As you heard on the Oscars so many times last night, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

And now… on with the show!


Seth MacFarlane, the creator “The Family Guy”, and two other currently running TV shows did a fabulous job as Emcee of the Academy Awards last night. He’s smart, clever, and funny - and on top of it, is good looking and is an accomplished singer and dancer. The whole thing had a nice “throw back” to “Old Hollywood”. MacFarlane’s jokes were edgy, but in my opinion, never crossed the line.

MacFarlane did cause quite a stir with a clever song and dance number - introduced by William Shatner as Captain Kirk who visited from the future - about actresses who have bared their tops in the movies. It was called, “We Saw Your Boobs” - and it didn’t go over too well with some of the actresses who were included in the song. 

- Apparently they don’t mind showing them on the big screen, but they’re offended by any one mentioning it on TV. 

- Hey…at least they didn’t give out an Award for “Best Plastic Surgeon”. 


There was a great bit where he went to introduce Christopher Plummer - as Captain Von Trapp from “The Sound of Music”. When he annonced him name, they cut to a shot of double doors which no one came through. He tried again, saying “The Von Trapp Family Singers”, and again…no one showed up. Then, just like in the movie, a guy dressed as a Nazi ran through the doors and yelled, “They’re gone!” I don’t know if our junior readers got it, but I thought it was hysterical.

- That’s why he got paid so much “Do-Re-Mi” for hosting! 


Daniel Day Lewis took home the Best Actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in “Lincoln”. 

- I know some of you haven’t seen the movie yet, so I won’t tell you how it ends.  


Anne Hathaway took home the best Actress Award for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables, in which she both acted and sang live. 

- When I saw the shabby haircut she sported in the movie, I thought for sure my barber Tom would be mentioned in the credits. 


The Award for Best Picture went to “Argo” and as a special surprise was announced by First Lady Michelle Obama. 

- Marco Rubio immediately followed with a Rebublican rebuttal claiming that “Lincoln” should have won. 


Barbra Streisand made her first appearance on the Oscars in 30 years when she sang and dedicated “The Way We Were” to the late great Marvin Hamlisch who won an Academy Award for it in 1974.  

- She also dedicated it to Jennifer Aniston and every actor in the room that she has dated or been engaged to in the last 5 years. 


The movie “Life of Pi” was the big winner taking home 4 trophies. 

- It was inspired by Michael Moore’s eating habits. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!