JoAnne, Adam & Lauren stop by the set of ABC’s “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer” before heading over to Carnagie Hall!Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast! Today I swapped out daughter #2 (Jackie) for daughter #4 (JoAnne) and her kids Lauren (12) and Adam (9). JoAnne’s not only a Mom, she’s a news anchor for Channel 7 Action News. We’ll have more of that story after the break…

No wait…that’s TV talk. And since this is just a Podcast, JoAnne reveals how she feels about watching tapes of herself delivering the news. I also tell you how Jackie and I feel about listening to old radio air-checks of ourselves on my morning show. (Hint: It ranks right up there with a colonoscopy…so to speak!) 

Performers have differing opinons on the topic… For instance, Johnny Carson watched every one of his shows to “review” his performance, while sidekick Ed McMahon refused to watch himself. He said he was afraid he would over-think what he did on the show. (I think the only thing he needed to overthink was his decision to do those commercials for the walk-in-bathtubs - and the mortgage fiasco that left him “washed up” financially!)

Then, fresh off scoring 4 goals in his Pee Wee Roller Hockey game, Adam joins us to talk about…well, whatever 9-year-old-boys talk about, and Lauren fills us in on the fascinating life of a “Tween”. Both kids recently took a bite out of the “Big Apple” when JoAnne took them to NYC to watch their dad (her husband) perform in a choir at Carnagie Hall. (Before we started recording, I asked Adam if he knew how to get to Carnagie Hall. He said, “Yeah, you take a cab.”) 

We also go public with a Purtan Family secret: JoAnne’s complete lack of cooking skills. (She can’t even microwave a bag of popcorn without the fire department showing up!)

And speaking of “heating things up” I’ll tell you how in my teenage years, I somehow managed to mix-up the party games “Spin the Bottle” and “Post Office”. (Little wonder that no girls ever swooned over my declaration that “Neither snow, nor rain, nor dark of night will keep me from kissing you in the closet). 

And with weather on our minds, JoAnne tells us “weather” Channel 7 Meteorologist Dave Rexroth is more “real” on TV or in person. 

We cap off the Podcast with a visit from Dale Johnson, my right-hand man who served as producer of my annual Radiothon for the Salvation Army Bed and Bread Club. This year’s event is coming up on Friday, Feb. 22, live from the Oakland Mall from 6am to 10pm and broadcast on 760 WJR.  

Once again, Dale will be there all morning/day/evening long - as will I. On the Podcast, Dale gives you all the info on the Bed & Bread Club that feeds and shelters thousand of Metro-Detroiter’s 365 days a year. 

As you know…I’m quite passionate about the program and hope you will join us or tune in sometime during the 16-hour event! 

So microwave some popcorn (just don’t ask JoAnne to do it), sit back, and take a listen to Podcast #74!

Have a great weekend!


Purtan Podcast #74  (45:43)