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It’s President’s Day…and only 4 more before the Salvation Army Bed and Bread Club Radiothon! (Details below!)

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- As is tradition, Bill Clinton will celebrate by having one of his interns deliver a pizza. 


US Airways and American Airlines are finalizing a deal to merge and create the world’s largest airline. 

- So you can look forward to a new $50 “Merger Fee” every time you fly. 

- To celebrate, passengers who fly either airline this week will get a FREE 1/2 can of pop and a pretzel.  


Facebook admitted that last month an unidentified hacker group broke into their servers, but they didn’t get any customer information. 

- Really? Then how come I got a friend request from Kim Jong Un? 

- AND an invitation to his upcoming “Missile Launch Party”? 


A Florida couple admitted to the show “Strange Addictions” that they are addicted to daily coffee enemas. 

- TIP: If this couple asks you over for coffee…SAY NO!

- This gives a whole new meaning to getting your coffee “To Go”. 

- It also gives new meaning to “Good To The Last Drop!”

- As they say, “The best part of waking up, is Folger’s in your butt!” 


The Vatican says that there will be no farewell party for the Pope when he steps down on February 28th. 

- Darn! I’ll bet they would have had some awesome party hats! 

- Of course they could just be saying that to keep the “Pope-a-razzi” from showing up. 

- The “Vatican City Chuck E. Cheese” says with the “Private Party” now cancelled, they’ll be open to the public as usual. 


Lady Gaga cancelled the rest of her tour and will undergo hip surgery. 

- Her doctors said they’re confident a nice strip steak will cover the scar. 


Latino Review reports that 70-year-old Harrison Ford has finally agreed to play Han Solo again in one of the new “Star Wars” movies. 

- He’s apparently a little confused because he kept muttering, “Luke, I am your Grandfather, right?”. 

- This movie will be slightly different as Han won’t be allowed to drive his spaceship at night. 


It’s almost here! This Friday, Feb 22nd is the 26 Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon. The Salvation Army relies soley on the money raised during this 16-Hour Event to provide over 5000 meals to men, women and children in Metro Detroit 365 days a year. The program also shelters over 400 people a night. I invite you to join the “Bed & Bread Club” by donating $10 a month (that’s $120 for the year) which feeds ONE PERSON FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! 

To donate to this vital program, go to or call 248-528-0760! Phones are up and running now with operators on duty to take your donation! 

You can also join yours truly live at the Oakland Mall Friday from 6am to 10pm. I’ll be on stage and behind the mic for the whole event which will be broadcast and streamed live on 760 WJR! Channels 2, 4, & 7 will also have live streaming!

Thanks in advance for your support and if you get a chance, stop by the Mall Friday and say hello!