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Singers Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood opened last night's CMA's (Country Music Awards) with a musical spoof on the failure of the Obamacare website, to cheers from the audience. 

- So look for upcoming Country hits about a guy losing his wife, his dog, his pick-up, AND his health care plan.  


Meanwhile, there are growing calls for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the one in charge of the failed website, to resign, after it was revealed that she knew for months in advance that it wasn't going to work.  

- Former NSA leaker Edward Snowden said, "She should have listened to me. I told her it was going to bomb last Spring!" 


When Sharon Osbourne sat down on the set of the "Arsenio Hall Show" and was asked what makes her show "The Talk" different from it's competitor "The View", she launched into a rant saying that with the exception of Barbara Walters, "Everyone else on that show can go F--- themselves".  

- She would have included Barbara, but Sharon is still hoping to make the cut for Bab's "Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year" Special.  

- So far, no comment from the gals over at "The View" - marking the first time in history they haven't offered up their opinions on ANYTHING.  


The government announced that the top tech officer in charge of building the Obamacare website has resigned after deciding that he "was going to move into the private sector".  

- In other words, he's movin' into his parents basement.  

- How is it possible that he got to keep his job long enough to actually resign??? 

 - If you want to follow his progress, just friend soon as he figures out how to get on Facebook. 


Blockbuster announced it will close its remaining 300 retail stores. 

- Am I the only one on the planet who didn't know that Blockbuster still HAD any retail stores?  

- This is good news for people who still haven't returned their VHS copy of  "The Big Chill".  


Sting and Paul Simon are going to be touring together starting in February.  

- Art Garfunkel would have joined them, but he's not allowed to drive at night.  

- Sting is getting so old, he no longer performs with "The Police". Instead he calls them to report his noisy neighbors for playing loud music after 7pm. 


India announced plans to join the race to send a manned mission to Mars.  

- So now when you call for tech help on your computer, the guy on the other end of the line is gonna be even further away than he is now.  


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- Dick