From Election Central... 

Mike Duggan beat Benny Napoleon with 55% of the vote to become the next Mayor of Detroit.  

-What a feeling it must be to wake up and know you just became the head of the largest Bankrupt city in America!   


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack while wildly intoxicated about a year ago. He apologized and refused to resign.  

- But just in case he's forced out of office he's looking into other lines of work that don't have a problem with crack. Like plumbing.  


 Scientists say that women with larger-that-average butts are more intelligent.  

- If this is true, the Kardashian sisters are actually over-qualified to be members of MENSA.  

Meanwhile...Kris Jenner says she and Bruce Jenner are "still close" despite going through a divorce.   

-Does it ever end with these people? Someday it will...and it will be a BIG END! 


A study shows that prostitution in the U.S. is on the decline.  

- But more people are hiring lawyers, so basically a lot of people are still getting, well, you know!  


Zoos around the country are using a beagle with a trained sense of smell to let them know when their polar bears are pregnant.  

- It beats the old method of having the bear pee on a stick.  

- Zoos are also using another dog with a trained sense of smell to let them know when their Bears are Bi-Polar.  


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