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Welcome to the weekend...and as hard as it is to believe (at least for me)...PODCAST #100! As you read this, confetti and thousands of balloons are falling from the roof of Podcast Central, aka my dining room! (Actually there's just a couple of ceramic Pilgrims and some Turkey-scented potpourri - and they were there anyway).

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To commemorate this Pod-umentus occasion, I invited my wife Gail, my daughters, and all the grandkids to join me at the table. To those who had other commitments and couldn't make it, I understand completely! And I'm sure they'll understand the upcoming "adjustments" in my will).  

In all honesty, Gail, and daughters Jackie, Jill & Julie, had a great time talking about everything from how the Tiger's new Manager Brad Ausmus' good looks will definitely make it more fun for them to watch Tiger games...to the obscene amount of money Prince Fielder makes PER PITCH. 

We also find out what huge social networking site is now "out" with teenagers (according to Jill's 16-year-old daughter Julia)  and what's the latest and greatest for the high school set. (OMG! It's like...whatever!")  Meanwhile Julie's 22-month-old son Brayden's love of Toy Story reminds us of a hysterical moment in Detroit TV history involving Carmen Harlan, Chuck Gaidica, Devin Scillian, "Woody" and "Buzz Lightyear" (News anchors say the darndest things!)

Plus we'll tell you why you should NEVER stick your hand in a bag of grapes & why Bruno Mars upcoming appearance at the Superbowl is causing "sour grapes" among some football fans. 

Our discussion of a new study that claims women with bigger butts are more intelligent leads Jackie's 12-year-old son Charlie to ask why we're discussing women's butts on the Podcast. (He's a smart kid...although when he showed us his latest Spanish homework assignment we find out he's more of a "smart ass" sometimes).  

On a sad note, we talk about the recent passing of Detroit Radio Jock - and our good friend from the WOMC days, Don Phillips.  

But fear not...We end on an uplifting note...how the girls really feel about wearing their Bras. (Something every father wants to hear).  

So grab a noise maker, put on a funny hat and join a whole bunch of Purtans as we celebrate PODCAST #100!!! 

Have a great weekend!