The Tigers have traded dismal play-off-performing Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for 2nd Baseman Ian Kinsler...ALONG WITH A $30 MILLION CHECK to pay for PART of Fielder's remaining contract. Good trade? Bad Trade? 


-They could have saved a lot of money if they'd put him up on "".

- Fans of Fielder are saying the move was "way off base" know, just like he was during the play-offs with the Red Sox. 

- A lot of people are surprised they'd get rid of such a heavy hitter...and I mean HEAVY hitter. 


On October 4th, Catholic Central High School hockey player Matt Sorisho took a clean hit, lost his balance, and slammed back-first full speed into the boards.

His back was broken and Matt was paralyzed from the waist down.  

Last night a benefit emceed by JoAnne Purtan of Channel 7 Action News at the Compuware Arena in Plymouth, raised close to $600,000 to help the family pay for medical costs and mobility equipment that Matt will need in the future. 

If you'd like to make a donation to help this brave young man, go to


Yesterday, Barack Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a group of people who have made significant contributions to the U.S. including Oprah Winfrey and former President Bill Clinton. 

- Obama gave Oprah the medal and she gave him a new car! 

- The President said Bill Clinton has given a great deal to the country...including some things that required treatment with antibiotics. 


Costco has apologized for selling Bibles at one of it's stores in California that were marked "Fiction". 

- Holy Moses!

- Apparently they thought they were the "King James Patterson" version of the Bible. 

- Not that many people complained, since they only went into the store for the free meatball samples. 


McDonalds in China announced that they will begin selling McNuggets made out of Pork. 

- Finally! Sweet and Sour McNuggets! 

- It's a great addition to the Chinese Big Mac which contains "Two all Beef Patties, Chef's Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions on a Wonton Wrapper Bun!"


People magazine is taking heat for naming Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine of NBC's "The Voice" as 2013's "Sexiest Man Alive". Online commentators have raged that he's a "scrawny", "giraffe-necked", "man-orexic", "serial model dater" with a "nasal, whiny voice". 

- But enough from Simon Cowell...  

- Levine wasn't that thrilled about the award saying Nick Nolte was once voted the Sexiest Man Alive and look what happened to him. 


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