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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #101. I decided to leave this installment up for another week - since - as I write this, on November 22nd, the Nation is remembering that tragic and shocking day 50 years ago, when we lost John F. Kennedy to an assassin's bullet.  In order to add to the things you won's see on TV, we welcome Tom Delisle our good friend, and a longtime friend of the Kennedy Family to my dining room table. 

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We talk about how even now, after half a Century, it's hard to believe that the man holding the most important job in the world, so young and vital, could be brought down by a misfit loner like Lee Harvey Oswald with a "lucky shot". 

On a personal note, I'll tell you the story (that frankly still amazes me) of how I ended up interviewing JFK during his presidential campaign...and the bizarre connection to that interview, a lunch that followed, and the man who - three years later - stood outside Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas and told a shocked world that the President was dead. 

Delisle also reveals the amazing chain of events that led Jack Ruby to be in that Parking Garage just as Oswald was being transferred, and ended the Assassin's life with a single shot. 

Tom then also tells us how a good friend of his came to be one of Lee Harvey Oswalds's pallbearers - and how Ruby's gun ended up in Detroit. 

We also explore JFK's eye for the ladies... ONE OF WHOM JOINS US ON THE PODCAST, and how I stood 4 ft. from Kennedy the same day he delivered the famous Cuban Missile Crisis speech. 

So join us for the next 48 minutes as we look back to those unbelievable happenings and incredible days 50 years ago on Podcast #101.

Have a great weekend!