Today is 11/12/13... A numeric date that won't happen again for a hundred years...on November 12, 2113.  

- Which happens to be the exact date that Kathleen Sebelius is tossing around as the day the Obamacare website will be up and running...for almost all Americans.  


The U.S. Postal Service has struck a deal with Amazon.com and will be making Sunday deliveries for the internet giant during the holidays in select cities.  

- It's designed for those people who absolutely can't wait 'til Monday to get the "Painless Facial Hair Remover" for that special someone on their list.  

- The U.S. Postal Service is flaunting the agreement saying, "Now there's something Brown Can't Do For You!" 


Miley Cyrus says that her Godmother Dolly Parton is her role model.  

- Dolly once gave Miley one of her bras as a gift...to use as a one bedroom apartment.  

 - Miley got the idea to smoke pot on stage at a recent Music Awards Show in Amsterdam from her Godfather, Woody Harrelson. 


Tom Cruise was misquoted in the press when they reported that he said acting in a film can be as hard as fighting in Afghanistan.  

- He meant to say  it was as hard as fighting in Iraq.  

- You can read the whole story in the Scientology Magazine: "Making the Most of Your Reprogramming".  


Angela Lansbury says she thinks it's a mistake for NBC to do a new show called "Murder She Wrote" with a completely new set of actors and characters.  

- That's because all of the original stars, including her, are cast members on "The Walking Dead".  


Two New York women are suing a lingerie company that claims it's "shape wear" burns cellulite by using tiny caffeine capsules imbedded in the fabric.  

- The company claims they didn't lose weight because they added too much cream and sugar to their spanx. 

- Call me crazy, but I've always preferred my wife in Decaf Lingerie.  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!