Tigers play Oakland tonight in their Best of 5 Game Series with the A's at Comerica Park. It's Do or Die with the Tig's down 2 games to 1, so it's a MUST WIN tonight! Go Tigers!!!!!

Tigers action shot.jpeg


An 89-year-old drug "mule" is expected to plead guilty today in a Detroit Courtroom. He's allegedly been transporting cocaine for a Mexican Cartel to Chicago for years. 

- He's so old he used to date "Francis the Mule" (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) 


A new survey finds that only 46% of Americans have read a book in the last year.  

 - And of that 46%that did read a book...all 46% read "Shades of Grey".  

- It's gotten so bad that even criminals won't read the book the judge throws at them.  


A school district right here in Michigan approved a no tag, no chasing policy for kindergartners.  

- However adults will still be allowed to play phone tag...for now.  

- Up next: PETA will protest for an end to "Duck, Duck, Goose!" 


Vladimir Putin was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  

- He was nominated by Vladimir Putin.  

- And Edward Snowden.  

- And Dennis Rodman.  


An Oklahoma man was arrested on burglary charges and police matched his DNA to "used" toilet paper found in the commode at the house he robbed.  

- The official charge is listed as "Breaking, Entering, and Pooping".  


Since the government shutdown, people who need a quick payment for their federal government paycheck are flooding "Sugar Daddy" dating websites.   

- So if you're a sugar daddy looking to help one of these people out, you can find their profiles at eNonEssential.com.


Justin Bieber made news again Monday when a second photo surfaced that appears to show him smoking weed.  

- And as we all know, weed is a "Gateway Drug" to really bad singing.  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!