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 Welcome to November…and Podcast #99! Today I welcome my wife Gail, my daughter Jackie and her 12-year-old-son Charlie to the dining room table. 

C as Danny Phamtom.JPG

As we recorded on Halloween, Charlie was decked out in his costume, gray-haired Superhero “Danny Phantom”. I was, of course, dressed as my personal hero, Count Scary! "Ooooh that's..." (you know the rest of it!)

I then told Charlie a "fascinating story" of the time I dressed up in a giant rabbit suit to take his mom and her sisters around the neighborhood. He said "Great story" and left to go watch Spongebob in the other room on Nickelodeon.

We then continue with a discussion of the decision by an American University to ban Cowboy and Indian costumes. "Too offensive". Right... John Wayne must be spinning in his grave. 

Then we get down to the real brass tacks with a critical look at Obamacare. Not just the website failure – but how the numbers really add up for Americans – including Jackie who has independent insurance, and got a letter on Oct. 1st saying that the plan she has (and likes!) will no longer exist after December 31st.  Gail and I know our letter is "in the mail" too. Now I'm no Einstein Bagel…but this whole thing seems like one big, incredibly expensive boondoggle. (And no one's even sure if "boondoggles" will be covered!) 

On a lighter note, we tell you about a new website that actually DOES work… It can tell you if anyone ever died in the house you’re living in. (It’s a great way to break the ice when you have friends over for dinner!) 

We also ponder how Henry Winkler went from being “The Fonz” to an old guy on TV selling reverse mortgages, and talk about the hilarious commercials for the Dodge Ram featuring Will Ferrell, a horse and a pony. 

Deal Dash Lady.jpeg

We also manage to work in some annoying commercials (does Deal Dash ring a bell?), how Jackie nearly bored her boyfriend too death, and how an episode of Jeopardy made me feel like, uh, ya know, real smart. 

It ends with a special gift for Jackie for a very special reason. (No…she’s not having a baby!)

So put away your pumpkin, dive into the leftover Halloween candy and treat yourself to Podcast #99!

Have a great weekend…Don’t forget to turn your clocks back Saturday night…and I’ll see you back here Monday!