Happy Halloween to all the little (and not so little) nippers out there! It's not even "Trick or Treat" time and I've already seen kids and adults dressed as everything from a Disney Princess to the Obamacare Website. (The guy wasn't actually wearing a costume, he just told me that he planned on "Crashing" a Halloween party tonight.)  

Snoopy sitting on scared pumpkin.jpeg

As for my wife Gail and I, we have big plans - but are still making a final decision on our costumes.  

Here is our list of possibilities so far:  

- She'll dress up like a piece of chicken, I'll cover myself in green beans and we'll go as the  "Early Bird Special". 

- I'll dress as Hitler, she'll be Eva Braun...and we'll end the night by doing shots.  

- We'll wear incredibly tight rubber bands around our heads and go as Joan Rivers and Bruce Jenner. 

- We'll dress up as Obamacare "Navigators" and put everyone who calls today on hold.  

No matter what we decide on, I will of course continue my time honored tradition of handing out a very special "treat" to the kiddies who come to our door: SOUP!  

And I'm not talkin' "cans" of soup...I'm talking big, hot ladles full of the yummiest treat this side of Fried-Dough-On-A-Stick at the State Fair! "Snicker" or "Chuckle"  if you must, but the kids love it! (Despite the fact that it usually melts their fun-sized Twix Bars and Bubble Gum.) And let's face it...a nice big serving of Chunky Chicken Noodle or Creamy Tomato Basil (I'm offering two types this year!) is a whole lot healthier than a handful of M&M's! 

There is one thing I'd like to clear up, tough...I want to apologize for my soup choice last year. Turns out "Baked French Onion" may not have been the best way to go!  

No matter what you do tonight, here's wishing you a Safe, Happy and Dry Halloween! I'll see you back here tomorrow with a special "Post Halloween" Podcast (#99!). 

- Dick