Scientists at UCLA say they’ve discovered that the reason women’s breasts wrinkle and start to sag is that the human gene code makes breasts age faster than other body parts.


- Unless you’re a Hollywood actress in which case your breasts will always be toddlers. 

- Another contributing factor could be too many “invasive patdowns” by the TSA. 

- I guess it’s natures way of allowing you to sweep when your hands are too arthritic to hold a broom. 


CBS News discovered that the new “shop and browse” feature of the Obamacare website that estimates how much it will cost users to buy insurance, may be quoting them rates that are half what it will actually cost. 

- The policy costs just $19.99 – but apparently you have to pay $19,999 for “shipping and handling".

- None of this really matters since we’ll probably all be dead by the time the Website's fixed anyway. 


The new iPad Air is 20% thinner than the current model. 

- And it got thinner in just 30 days eating a bizarre miracle fruit as seen on Dr. Oz! 


China adopted a new law that limits the amount of time TV channels can air reality show.  

- We important everything else from China...why not this law?  

- So now TV stations will have to decide whether to air “Honey Wu Wu”, “The Real Housewives of Beijing”, or “Kids in Sweatshops Say The Darndest Things!”

- The official Chinese Government Channel will continue broadcasting 24/7 since there’s absolutely noting on there that even resembles reality. 


A British Company is offering people a service that will clone their pets. 

- Just what the world needs…more Shitzu. 


To promote the movie “Anchorman 2”, Ben & Jerry launched a limited edition ice cream flavor called “Ron Burgundy’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch”. 

- Most people say it’s so strong one scoop is enough, but Lindsay Lohan always asks for a double. 


Mexico’s government is angry that the American NSA is spying on it’s citizens. 

- Welcome to the club Amigos!

- Mexico is supposedly so upset they sent the Feds a note reading “Ask not for whom the Taco Bell tolls…It tolls for thee!”


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