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Welcome to another weekend and another Brand New Podcast (#98) featuring an encore visit from one of my most popular (according to his wife) and entertaining guests, Tom Delisle.   

Kid xylophone.jpeg

Today we play "Name That Tune"... with me playing on my very own xylophone! (Okay it's not really the one in the picture - it's a tad more grown-up).   

Up next? Carnac says... "Cheating Wife". We'll tell you a story featured in the new book on Johnny Carson written by his former lawyer, that reveals exactly who it was that Johnny's second wife had an affair with. (Hint: He was a professional athlete and he like to take Carnival Cruises). You'll have to listen to find out exactly who was "tackling" Mrs. Carson. 

Plus we finally reveal the answer to that nagging question, "Why does former Tiger Manager Jim Leyland mumble so much?" And we'll explain the technical reason why baseball players and other athletes. spit so much during games.

Speaking of things you do with your mouth, Tom reveals why he hasn't eaten a single bite of food in 9 years.  (No joke there). 

I'll also tell you the bizarre story of the time my wife Gail and I were out with friends at a LA restaurant and noticed a couple who didn't speak to each other THE ENTIRE MEAL. They sat in complete silence as the woman ate crab legs and proceeded to make gagging noises with each bite. Then they got up and left. (Apparently they met on eDon'tTalkJustGag.com. 

Swinging back to sports, Tom tells us what Sparky Anderson told him when he asked, "Why does Chet Lemon slide into First Base all the time". 

There's also talk of why newscasters (not my daughter JoAnne of course) have begun using words like "Flippin'" and "Freakin'" on the air, plus the time Gail and I made a horrible mistake by giving a video wedding gift that went "Freakin'" horribly wrong.  

So before you even think about carving your pumpkins, carve out a little time to check out Podcast #98! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here with my regular blog on Monday!