Series tied at 1 each. Game 3 against the Bosox at 4:07 this afternoon at Comerica...with Verlander on the mound!

Tiger batting cartoon.jpeg

C'mon Boys! 



NBC's Bob Costas came down on the side of those who think the Washington Redskins should change their team nickname. During the Sunday night game between Washington and Dallas, he said the term "Redskin" is "an insult and a slur". 

- So apparently Bob is NBC's new "Color" commentator.  

- I didn't see him at the time, as I was out having a delicious salmon dinner that included some roasted Native American Potatoes.  


The season premiere of "The Walking Dead" drew 16.1 million viewers, a cable series record. 

- You know that's the one that features footage of people standing in line trying to sign up for Obamacare.  


Justin Bieber announced that he plans to release a new single every Monday for 10 Weeks. The first song is called "All That Matters".  

- If the first one is "All That Matters" there's really no need to buy the other 9.  

- The every Monday thing gives all his fans time to save up their allowance! 


The Vatican issued a commemorative coin but misspelled Jesus' name as "Lesus".  

- It's really embarrassing on the heels of their decorative plate featuring "Larry & Joseph In The Manger". 

- I'm thinking the official Vatican Spell-Checker doesn't have a prayer of keeping his job.  


Iran's president Hassan Rouhani asked Iranians to stop chanting "Death to America!" during protests.  

- But he added that yelling "America Sucks!" is okay.  


Macy's has "shocked" a lot of people by announcing that they will open their stores for early holiday shoppers at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day.  

- The people most "shocked" are the men who are going to have to drag their butts off the couch and do the dishes while the women go out shopping.  

- To commemorate the event, they're offering a limited edition Norman Rockwell-esque print of a kindly old couple embroiled in a fight to be first in line for a 42" big screen TV.  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday. Oh...and...GO TIGERS!!!!!