Hope you had great Mother’s Day and got some nice gifts.We received a nice gift at my house…the Cable went out…thusly i’m having computer issues and therefore we’re having to put up a simpler addition of today’s blog.


The Barack Obama campaign website is already selling a line of of gay-themed merchandise including “My Two Moms like Obama” baby onsies, and “I’m Out for Obama” T-shirts. 

- If they really want to encourage re-election, shouldn’t they put the message on “Two-sies” instead of “Onesies”?  

- The Prez has taken it even further, suggesting a reality show called, “America’s Next Same Gay Top Chef”. 

- Queston: How does one know if an infant is gay? Unless he’s a boy and shows no interest in “breast feeding”. 


Twitter is still buzzing over a report that Mitt Romney held down another student in high school and cut his hair because he and his friends thought the guy was gay. Romney has apologized - but says he honestly doesn’t remember the event. 

- Hey… this was in the Woodstock days. Nobody remembers anything from back then. 

- At least it wasn’t John Edwards… he would have hired someone to hold the guy down, cut his hair, and then charge him 200 bucks.  

- If only he’d done this to Donald Trump… he wouldn’t be considered a bully, he’d be a hero.


90-year-old Betty White has endorsed President Obama. 

- I always thought she had something for Bea Arthur during “The Golden Girls”. 

- Betty is very political… she once hosted a lavish dollar-a-plate fundraiser for Abraham Lincoln. 


A White House advisor said that obesity may be the country’s biggest threat to national security. 

- So we don’t need to worry about al Qaeda, we need to worry about “al Fatta”. 

- Michael Moore was immediately put on the “No Fly” list. 


TIME Magazine is getting a lot of attention over it’s latest cover featuring a breastfeeding mother. 

- People wouldn’t care so much if the “baby” wasn’t 18-years-old. 

- So basically TIME is the new National Geographic.                              


According to the Post Office, Mother’s Day is still the #1 day for greeting cards. 

- Of course “Octomom” sort of throws off the curve. 

- Father’s Day is a close second, but the illegitimate kids of NBA players don’t buy their dad’s cards because they don’t know where to send them. 


NYC officials say that “butt dials” accounted for nearly 40 percent of the 911 calls received in 2010.

- Officials say this shows a crack in the system that needs to be fixed.