It’s a big weekend for me, my wife Gail, and the whole Purtan family as daughter Jill (#3 of 6) prepares to walk the last mile… um… I mean… down the aisle! She’s asked both Gail and me to give her away this time, since I did it alone last time, and it just didn’t take! Join us, along with the blushing Bride-to-Be and her sister Jackie, as we reveal the inside secrets of the impending nuptials. (Yes… I will be hitting the dance floor to lead the group in the tradional YMCA! - althought I haven’t made the final decision whether to go as the Cop or the Construction Worker…). Plus, we’ll tell you about the drama that ensued when Julie’s (that’s daughter #6) 4-month-old son, Brayden was chosen as the ring bearer (over the other 5 male cousins). It’s all here for your listening pleasure! (Except for the wedding night plans… there are just some things a Dad doesn’t want to know!) 

Have a great weekend and Congratulations to Jill and Mark! 


Purtan Podcast #42

P.S. Sunday is, of course, “Mother’s Day”, and in keeping with tradition, I’m posting a song I used to play in honor of all the Moms (and Dads) out there every year on the radio! Enjoy! 

If It Wasn’t For Your Father Would Your Mother Be Your Mother?



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