With the Salvation Army Radiothon coming up this Friday, February 24th, I’m concentrating all my efforts on getting ready for the big event - which I will be hosting along with “Purtan’s People” and the guys from WJR. As you probably know, this is THE FUNDRAISER that allows the Bed & Bread trucks to hit the streets of the most impovershed areas of Metro Detroit and feed 5000 men, women and children every day - 365 days a year!

NOTE: It will be broadcast live from the Oakland Mall from 6am to 10pm and be heard on 760 WJR. I hope you can tune it… and will contribute whatever you can. Remember, a contribution of just $10 a month feeds one person FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! A contribution of $20 feeds two people for an entire year! Not a penny goes to administrative costs… it all goes directly to helping those in need. 

Now… for your listening pleasure today, I’m featuring two “Best Ofs” off my CD’s from years past. I’m also re-posting a piece from YouTube that I put up yesterday, but that you may have missed because of Presidents’ Day! It’s my show from 1964 in Cincinnati - exactly one year before I came to Detroit.  It was used in a video/picure compilation piece that was put together in 1966 for a newsman at the station. 

“You Can’t Beat The Buzzer”   (1:11)

“Gordon Kinkaid - 20/20 News”  (1:44)

Cincinnati Radio Video  (5:12)