Here is a special video for this Presidents’ Day. You’ll hear 5 minutes of my show from WSAI in Cincinnati (where I was known as Paul Purtan), nearly one year to the day before I came to Detroit. It is actually a video done for the station’s news director, but the audio on it contains my show from May of 1964 where I was a real top-40 DJ. The video was done in 1966 thus the date on the video description. I think you will find it fun to listen to, because even I can’t believe it is me.

Don’t forget, this Friday the 24th, I am hosting the 25th Annual Salvation Army Bed and Bread Club Radiothon (on 760 WJR). Because of this, I am doing something special on the blog this week. Don’t forget to come back each day and see what we have going on.

- Dick