The AARP is getting into the online dating business for people 50+. They’re partnering with to give the older crowd a chance to meet that special someone. 

- So now seniors can spend a romantic evening filling out their Medicare forms while sharing a chilled bottle of Ensure. 

- The only problem is, all the over 50 men want younger women and are signing up for e-I’


There are 17 days left until December 21st, which is the date the Mayan’s predicted would be “The End Of The World”.  

- So I’m holding off on all my Christmas shopping just in case! 

- My wedding anniversary happens to be on December 21st, and if I don’t remember to get my wife a card it will be the end of my world. 

- Art Van and Gardner-White are already planning huge “End Of The World” Sales…but for some reason they’re demanding you pay the full amount upfront. 


Yahoo revealed that the most-searched-for person on the Internet in 2012 was Kim Kardashian. 

- So the Mayans got it wrong. The day this news broke is the day the world officially ended.  

- In a related story, the least-searched-for person on the Internet this year was Lindsay Lohan’s lifecoach. 


Pope Benedict XVI, is on Twitter. 

- His first tweet was “OMG…I’m on twitter!”

- He may be old, but he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve…and even more in his hat. 

- The Pope is also on Facebook and recently added “The Vatican City Red Lobster on Fridays, Pottery Stable, and Just for Pontiffs” to his “Likes” section. 

- Luckily he doesn’t have to worry about his wife getting mad if he gets tweeted by women. 


It was announced Monday that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are having a baby.

- They’ve already registered at “Sceptors R Us”!

- Kate’s morning sickness is said to be so severe she’s spending more time in the throne room than Queen Elizabeth!

- Prince Harry was so excited he already ordered the baby a onesie with a swastika on it.   


TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan drinks two liters of vodka a day. 

- Let’s all congratulate her for cutting back from her usual 3 liters a day! 


On this day in 2006 a rare adult giant squid was caught on video near the Ogasawars Islands south of Tokyo. 

- The story got a lot of ink. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!