Wednesday night, GOP Presidential hopefuls held their big debate.  The most heated exchange came when Mitt Romney touted his job creation record. Rick Perry shot back that Michael Dukakis had a better record than Mitt. Then Mitt fired back that Perry’s predecessor, George W. Bush, had a better record than Perry.  

- George W. Bush reportedly yelled, “Hey Laura!  Come in here!  They’re talking about what a great job I did on the TV!”

The strangest audience reaction had to be when one of the two moderators began a question by noting that under Governor Perry, Texas had executed 234 people, and applause broke out.   

- Those who applauded were all Democrats who realized that’s 234 people who won’t be voting for Perry in 2012! 

- The twice-divorced Newt Gingrich immediately tried to get in on the whole “Texas Thing” by yelling, “Remember the Alamo-ny!”