First TLC’s “Toddlers and Tiaras” sparked controversey when a little girl did an impression of Dolly Parton in a pageant, complete with padded boobs and butt.  But according to critics, last night’s episode hit a new low.  A mom dressed her three-year-old-girl named Paisley as Julia Robert’s hooker character in “Pretty Woman,” complete with blond wig, white crop top, a blue miniskirt and thigh-high boots.  She strutted around stage in front of a backdrop of the Beverly Regent Wilshire Hotel where Richard Gere’s character paid $4000 for a week of Roberts’ “services”.

- All the 3-year-old-boys in her pre-school class are begging their mom’s to set up a “Playdate” with Paisley. 

- You should have seen the time her mom dressed her up as “Dora the Explorer”!

- Speaking of “Pretty Woman”, if Roy Orbison was alive, he would probably have taken off his tinted glasses just to make sure he was actually seeing what he was seeing. 

- Most hookers wear thongs.  Paisley wears Huggies.