The NY Times reports that some social workers are concerned about the growing number of children being fathered by the most active donors to various sperm banks.  One woman who started an online registry for children fathered by the same donor she used, has seen it grow to 150 half-siblings with more on the way. 

She said “It’s wild when we see them together.  They all look alike.”  

- Doesn’t this sound like one of those black and white horror movies they made back in the 1950’s? 

- Up until now this was only a problem in the NBA.  

- A lot of the kids share similar traits with their “Donor Dad”… for example they’re REALLY good with their hands.  

Meanwhile the lack of a nationwide info bank on donors has sparked worries among health professionals that children who live in the same area will fall in love and have kids, not realizing they’re half-brother and sister.  

- They’ve named the Syndrome, “Regular Life In Kentucky”.  

- And it’s a real drag for the Mom who ends up having to pay for both the wedding and the rehearsal dinner!