Hope you’re enjoying the weekend (the last one in August!) In our latest Podcast we welcome Jim Ochs — the voice on my radio show of Casey Kasem, my agent Sol, and Soupy Sales’ favorite dog, White Fang!  Speaking of dogs, we talk about a new scientific study concerning canine poop in the air over Detroit. (Honest!)  Also…in honor of the first place Tigers, Jim sings (if you can call it that) his new musical tribute to our “boys of summer” and spins a former theme song of mine off an actual 45 rpm record!  After you listen to the podcast - don’t miss a special treat:  one of the great Soupy Sales’ jokes delivered as only he could on my show!  

Purtan Podcast #6   (15 min. 2 sec.)

Soupy Sales & Fun At The Bakery   (:51 sec)

P.S. Given all the brouhaha over the woodpecker that has recently been trying to destroy my house, one of my listeners happened upon this sign while traveling up north and sent this picture of it to me. No wonder they can’t find the Ark… it must have sunk!