A jury in Kentucky rejected a truck driver’s $16 million lawsuit against his surgeon for amputating part of his penis without his permission  The doctor was performing a circumcision operation when he spotted what he thought was potential cancer and made the cuts.  The patient claimed it wasn’t an emergency and he should have been consulted after he woke up. But a majority of jurors sided against him.  It was a six-man, six-woman jury. 

- So even though he wasn’t on trial, the patient was basically sentenced to “2-1/2 for life”. 

- If he want’s to appeal, now he has to go to Small Claims Court. 

- The doctor defended his actions saying, “It wasn’t brain surgery!”  Then again…

- Surgery is like football:  It’s a game of inches. 

- $50 bucks says this guy will never again say to his barber “Just take a little off the top”. 

- The man who did the surgery, a “Dr. Bounty” has a sign in his office reading “Select-A-Circum-Size”. 

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