While the politicians are unhappy with the budget deal, Americans are unhappy with the way it was hammered out.  A Washington Post/Pew poll asked people to choose one word to describe the negotiations they’ve been watching for the past few weeks.  Only 2% chose a positive word. The top 27 words were all negative.  The #1 word chosen was “ridiculous,” with “disgusting, “stupid,” “frustrating,” “poor,” “terrible,” “disappointing,” “childish,” “messy,” and “joke” rounding out the top ten. 

- But enough about critiques of this website…

- Politicians immediately countered that it was a “ridiculous, disgusting, stupid, frustrating, poor, terrible, disappointing, childish, messy joke of a poll!”

- So I guess we can rule out Congress and the Senate getting too many “Likes’ on their official facebook fan pages today.  

- My teacher used those exact words to describe my behavior to my mother during my 3rd grade Parent-Teacher Conference! 

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