29-year-old Dunking Donuts employee Melissa Redmond of New York is facing prostitution charges after police got a tip that she was taking breaks during her overnight shift to sell sexual services.  An undercover cop said she would go out to the parking lot and offer men in cars a variety of things from her “special menu”.  Police called their six-week sting operation “extra sugar”. 

- How is it possible that it took six weeks for the cops to figure this out?  There were probably five or six of them there at the donut shop during her shift everynight! 

- I’ve seen her mugshot… she has this “glazed” look in her eye. 

- What ever happened to dunkin your donut in coffee?  

- Her lawyer is fighting jail time saying it would constitute “Crueller Unusual Punishment”. 

- When she asked if you’d be interested in trying her honey-buns, she wasn’t kidding! 

- At first police thought she was also dealing coke, but it turned out it was just powdered sugar.